Traditional Hammam Baths are popular in Morocco, it is an age old traditional bathing and cleansing ritual where you bare it all in an extra hot steamy room for a hot steam bath and massage- basically a spa. Whilst one might be interested in jumping into a bath for an experience, little is known of what happens beneath the relaxation. The hammam furnace is where the steam is generated for the bath. It is a tedious process as it requires the bathhouse worker to continuously feed in saw dust directly into the furnace. The furnace does not only serve the bath, it serves to cook Tanjia - a slow cooked Marrakesh dish traditionally  prepared in a clay pot also called Tanjia. In making this dish, a butcher will prepare meat and spices in the pot before tightly tying a lid over the top then head to the nearest public hammam and pay for it to be cooked in the furnace. This must be slow cooked at a low temperature for long duration of time. 

Mohamed works in a hammam house where he spends most of his time. As a Gnaoui musician he takes breaks at intervals to play his Gimbri and unwind.

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